Learning occurs all the time. Opinions change because the brain changes as the result of learning from experience. Reasoning is an experience, so opinions can change by the same reasoning processes which establish them. Thus opinions are transient and ergo I accept no attachment to them. Posts on this website are therefore a history of isolated incidents of reasoning with certain priors at particular points in time and therefore should not be used to define me because their very formulation changed me.

Interestingly, the transiency of opinion is one reason why people might wonder or regret why they made a certain choice; the choice itself changes their perspective and the change of perspective is exactly what enables them to retrospectively see that the choice was "wrong". Naturally one could argue that in some sense the choice was "right" since it enabled the perspective and enabled a potentially positive change in future behavior. Of course, although I'm unsure, it is possible that the same effective perspective could be obtained via another choice that did not lead to regret, so its not necessarily necessary to do bad things to make ones future self better.


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