The Political Alignment Con

Isn't it funny how political parties are either classified as left, right, or somewhere in the middle?

As if it is totally natural to have "left" and "right" politics without there existing anything else.

Surely policitics isn't some stupid one dimensional linear scale. I think rather that each political policy; money, justice, resources, work ethic and so on is a dimension, and how the party acts on that dimension determines their place in some space with a dimension much higher than one.

Why is it, that people try and pretend that left and right are the only possible politics. As if there cannot be something which is totally different from either?

This is the inherently biased way people think. People are told: there is left politics, and right politics, only. And this bias is propagated in the media all the time. As if they never stop to think, hangon a minute, maybe this classification is a bit dumb, a bit one dimensional.


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