People who get inside my head

In physics there exist several different types of field, for example: gravitational field, electromagnetic field, and the more recent quantum field.

I believe it to be true that some people are generators of a forth type of field: the stupidity field.

This sounds rude, and perhaps I am rude. But some people I cannot stand to be around because they seem to radiate stupidity.

When I spend a long time around such a person, they start to get inside my head. It is if their stupid and brutish way of looking at the world starts to jostle for attention with mine by the might of its sheer and bloated ugliness.

It sounds crazy, but I am a little crazy when it comes to psychological matters, but it feels like their views and idiocy pollute and corrupt my mind. Does anyone else get this? Do you?

I hate this. I need to learn to concentrate and block out external influence better.


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