Website Finally Migrated to Linode!

Well I finally finished migrating this website to the linode. It didn't take me all this time since my announcement, its just I only found the time to do it this weekend. It has taken perhaps one day to do everything.

Yes, what a nice poor quality webcam shot.

Word of advice. When you setup your own server, don't decide that it might be a good idea to use access control lists to set the permissions for each file that needs to writable by the webserver, just use group permissions. If you do decide to use ACLs you will have some headaches. For one thing editing files under vim destroys the ACL each time, and for another, any archiving you do will have to be done with STAR.

Despite this, almost everything seems to be working. DruTeX math rendering is now fixed TeX Embedding failed!.

Gallery2 is still working, after upgrading it and sorting out its file permissions.

The only thing that doesn't work is image uploading via the WYSIWYG editor CKEditor that I use for editing blog posts. This is pretty annoying obviously. It appears to be some file permissions problem due to the before mentioned dumb decision to use ACLs. I'll solve it at some point, or perhaps just ditch the ACLs all together.

The website should be a lot faster now since I'm using Lighttpd and have a proper virtual server at linode.

I will try and play with the performance options over the coming weeks.

In case you are interested, this is the process I had to go through to setup the webserver:

  1. Install server OS, in this case a Debian variant of Linux (BSD was not available).
  2. install lighttpd
  3. configure virtual hosting by creating a few directories and lines in config files.
  4. install php5, php5_gd, mysql, latex, and probably some other stuff that I forgot
  5. configure this shit, paying particular attention to the security implications
  6. copy all the content over from the other server, including dumping the mysql tables
  7. restore the drupal mysql tables
  8. upgrade drupal
  9. restore the gallery2 tables
  10. upgrade gallery2
  11. fuck about with ACL and the permissions
  12. change the DNS nameservers to linodes
  13. create the new DNS records (using the linode wizard lol)

I think the easiest thing in the world would be to make the webserver run under the same user that the content belongs to, then everything would work without any fucking about. The only advantage to not doing this, that I can see, is that it allows more control over which content the webserver can change. But since drupal accesses the mysql database directly via the webserver, which is where most of the content is stored, this actually seems pointless in retrospect... Any thoughts?



I don't understand why you are setting up your own server - isn't that something that you pay a host to do?


You may pay a host to do it, but then you have to live with whatever that host gives you. If you have a virtual server, you can configure it however you want.

I want more freedom on the server because I have some ideas for some things I want to try.

also, its fun and feels

also, its fun and feels better to do it yourself

i'm that kind of guy ;)

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