Gary McKinnon

Just wrote to my MP regarding Gary McKinnon:


Dear Richard Benyon,

I write from Newbury, West Berkshire.

I am writing to you regarding the conduct of our nation in the case of Mr Gary McKinnon. Gary is accused of "hacking" into various US computer systems. Regardless of the extent to which he is guilty of these crimes, all the accusations are with reference to actions taken on our soil, within the jurisdiction of our country. Crimes committed or suspected of being committed within our jurisdiction, should likewise be tried within our jurisdiction, by our judicial system. The US request to have Gary extradited, should therefore be met with a flat refusal, on the grounds that the actions he is accused of, were committed here.

I am afraid that our country has given itself over in this manner to acting as a sergeant under the US, in obeying its every request. This is a threat to our sovereignty and integrity, and must be resisted.

Please then, I urge you to sign Early Day Motion 2388, with regard to this case, of which more information can be found here:


Ashley Mills


I think I have been clear enough in the email. But to reiterate, I don't care if he is guilty or not, I simply object to extraditing any of our citizens for actions taken within our borders. I suppose one could argue that computer hacking transcends borders, but I would argue, that the physical act of hacking occured in the UK and thus should be tried in the UK.


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