My own point to life

Life itself, in as much sense as it makes to refer to it in the third person and ascribe an objective to it, has no objective other than to propagate itself and continue to act accordingly to the will of physics and biology.

In life, the fittest individuals prevail against the weaker, and it is that both the fit and the weak are necessary to the process. Against this observation, the only personal objective to bare nature's rubber stamp is for a person to be and behave exactly as nature intended them to. So rest assured, nature loves you for whom you are. At the very least we all share this purpose, and life should always have meaning in this sense.

Humans however, are singularly privileged in the animal kingdom in having the capacity to reflect on themselves and the process within which they prosper or flounder. We can ascribe our own meanings to life and invent our own point to it. Thus I have invented my own point to life by rationalizing what I want out of it, and so without further ado, I declare that:

The point of life is to make yourself happy and to make others happy.


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