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Evoart - Relaunch

10 years ago, I played around with the concept of aesthetically evolved images. This year I revisited the concept and produced several new works as a result. A video explaining the work can be viewed online here:

A gallery of the work can be viewed here:

Evolving Aesthetic Images

Back in 2005 I created a system to evolve images using aesthetic selection. I want to get this system up and running again, and in the process I found my old MSc mini-project report which was delivered to the university.

In addition to describing the process by which I evolved "traditional" aesthetic images, I also speak about two other experiments where I evolved cellular automata and color maps for mandelbrot sets.

Here is the PDF:

Evolving Aesthetic Images

Warning, this is a ~22MB file. The upside of this is that you can zoom quite far to embedded images.

Graffiti in Hafnerriegel

I live in a crazy block of flats called Hafnerriegel (

It is run entirely by students.

On most floors as one walks up the stairs, Graffiti is painted on the walls. But most if it is a different kind of Graffiti than one might expect, some of it is not.

I took some photos. I think some are good and some are completely crap but I put them on anyway so you get a feel for what its like to walk around this block of flats. Click below to goto the gallery, it has a slideshow function.

Graffiti in Hafnerriegel 53, Graz, Austria

I was going to put the images in ascending order, taken as walking from the ground up, but they got mixed up, so the order is unspecified.

Two Graffiti's are mine, its easy to guess which two.

And yes, now I have Gallery 2 installed so you can checkout my albums.

Evolutionary Art

Hello there,

Click here for two evolutionary art galleries

The art was made with a compiling GP system I wrote for a first-semester mini-project, it took hundreds if not thousands of generations to evolve/breed the images.

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